Automatic Validation Lists
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Automatic Validation Lists

Developers can customize validation lists in a database or a data service. See Developer Guide.

Starting version 8, the SaveToDB add-in can create validation lists for databases automatically.

Suppose a database contains the following tables and relations:

Database Diagram of Sample 02 - Advanced Features

The add-in will create validation lists for accounts, items, and companies automatically.

As a result, you will see item names instead of integer values:

Sample of Excel Validation Lists

For this case, the add-in loads accounts, items, and companies to the hidden SaveToDB_Lists worksheet, creates validation objects and replaces id values with names.

When you save data changes, the add-in converts names to id values back. It does this very fast.

If you need to see the source values, you can turn off automatic creation using the Options dialog box and clear the validation lists in the table.

If you do not see the validation lists, check the relations between tables. Possibly, the add-in cannot detect them or cannot find a field to use for names.

In any case, you can configure the validation lists manually.

To have new values in validation lists, reload data and configuration, or validation lists only.
See available options in the Reload Menu.

SaveToDB 10 allows updating validation lists automatically.

For example, if you connect to the companies table, add a company, and save the changes, the add-in will update the list.

Developers can customize dependencies manually.

Note that you can use the List Editor task pane to select list values.

For example:

Sample of the List Editor Task Pane

The List Editor allows filtering values. Just type several characters of the desired name.

To open the task pane, use the Show List Editor item of the Options menu.