SaveToDB Actions Menu

SaveToDB Actions Menu

Example of the Actions Menu

The Actions menu contains the items that are configured as event handlers with the Actions event type.

The menu can be used to execute different tasks. For example:

  • Executing database procedures to update data in a batch mode;
  • Executing macros;
  • Executing Windows Shell or CMD commands to load, update, or verify text data files;
  • Opening related websites and online documentation;
  • Adding, changing, or deleting items of database directories;
  • Executing drill-down queries;
  • Printing documents in HTML formats;
  • Generating document numbers;
  • Resetting query parameters and clearing form data.

Technically, the menu allows:

  • Executing stored procedures and SQL codes;
  • Executing macros and Windows Shell and CMD commands;
  • Executing HTTP and text file queries;
  • Selecting data from database tables and views.

The menu adapts to the active table query.
If there is one table on a worksheet, the table is used by default. This behavior differs from the Context menu behavior.

If a menu item query has parameters, the Query Parameters dialog box is shown, by default, to allow users to change parameters and to confirm the action.

See Developer Guide to learn how to configure event handlers and the Actions menu.