Updating changed cells only
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Updating changed cells only

DBEdit, DBGate, and ODataDB save rows where any cell was actually changed at least one time.

For example, if a user changes 1 to 2 and then 2 to 1 back, the row will be saved.

The SaveToDB add-in has two modes of updating rows:

  • All cells
  • Changed cells only

In the first case, the add-in saves all columns of all edited rows, even without the actual changes.

In the second case, the add-in saves columns with actual changes only.

The first mode works faster and saves fewer data in the workbook.

The second mode can save time when a lot of rows are edited but stayed unchanged. For example, if a user copied and pasted the entire column.

Users can change the mode using the Options dialog box.

Developers can overwrite the user's mode using the UpdateEntireRow and UpdateChangedCellsOnly event types in the xls.handlers table.

For example: