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SaveToDB Help menu

The button displays the local help.
Online Help
The button opens the online help.
Technical Support
The button opens a support page on the SaveToDB website.
SaveToDB Website
The button opens the home page on the SaveToDB website.
Workbook Information
The button displays the Workbook Information dialog box described below.
Register Product
The button opens the Register Product wizard.
The button is disabled if the SaveToDB Enterprise edition is already registered.
Purchase SaveToDB
The button opens a web page where you can purchase the SaveToDB Personal, Standard, or Enterprise edition.
Check Updates
The button opens the web page to check and download product updates.
About SaveToDB
The button displays the About SaveToDB dialog box.

Workbook Information

The Workbook Information dialog box shows different information about loaded server-side configurations.

Loaded Configurations

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Loaded Configurations

The table shows all loaded database configurations.

Data Tables

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Data Tables

The table shows all database connected tables of the active workbook.

Database Objects

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Database Objects

The table shows database object information that is loaded using query list and data translation configuration views.

See Configuring Query Lists and Configuring Data Translation.

Event Handlers

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Event Handlers

The table shows loaded server-side event handlers.

See Configuring event handlers.

Workbook Definition

SaveToDB Workbook Information - Workbook Definition

The table shows the active workbook definition that you can paste into the DEFINITION column of the workbook configuration table to allows users to create workbooks using the Application Workbooks wizard.