DB RTD Connection Wizard

DB RTD Connection Wizard

The SaveToDB add-in ships a companion product, DB RTD.

DB RTD allows getting data from database tables and views using Excel RTD formulas like



You can use DB RTD as an alternative to creating multiple pivot tables or linking table data using Excel formulas.

For example, you can load anonymous data from online systems and add customer data from on-premise systems.

Moreover, your users can get access in the office only according to their permissions.

See more details in the DB RTD help.

This wizard helps to create DB RTD formulas.

The wizard has five steps:

  1. Selecting a provider
  2. Connecting to a database
  3. Selecting a source object
  4. Selecting fields and aggregates
  5. Inserting a table

Then you can use created formulas as you need.

Step 1. Selecting Provider

Select the desired data provider as described in the Database Connections topic.

DB RTD Connection Wizard - Select Provider

Step 2. Connecting to Database

Connect to a database as described in the Database Connections topic.

DB RTD Connection Wizard - Connect to Database

Step 3. Selecting Source Object

Select a source table or view.

Here is a sample screenshot:

DB RTD Connection Wizard - Select Object

Step 4. Selecting Fields and Aggregates

Select fields to get aggregated values in the leftmost column S and the fields used keys in the rightmost column W.

Here is a sample:

DB RTD Connection Wizard - Choose Fields

Step 5. Inserting Table

Paste a table into a worksheet. In a couple of seconds, you will get results.

Here is a sample table:

DB RTD Connection Wizard - Final DB RTD Table