Text File Connection Wizard

Text File Connection Wizard

SaveToDB Add-in for Microsoft Excel allows loading and refreshing data from text files.

For example, you can save a web page to a local disk and load its data into Microsoft Excel.

SaveToDB supports the following data formats: HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, and plain text.

Connecting to text files using SaveToDB has additional benefits over Microsoft Excel connections:

  • You can connect to different data the same way.
  • You can connect to JSON and HTML files.
  • You can refresh data of any type.
  • You can add formula columns.
  • You can easily change codepages.

Note that you can save the loaded data into a database using the Data Merge Wizard.

Use the Database tab, Wizards, Text File Connection Wizard to start the wizard.

Use Gartle Text Data Provider in other wizards to connect to text files.

Below is a wizard screenshot:

SaveToDB Text File Connection Wizard

Dialog Box Elements

Use this field to specify the source file.
You can specify a path relative to the active workbook directory.
In this case, you can freely move the workbook and the file to another place or computer.
Use this button to select a file.
Use this list to select a codepage.
Date format
Use this list to select a data format.
Possible values are Auto, DMY, and MDY.
First row
Use this field to set the first row of the data.
Parser parameters
Use this field to specify parser parameters described in the Web Data Connection Wizard.