Today we discuss how to connect to a database.

You will connect to a cloud Microsoft SQL Azure Database.

Please download and open in Microsoft Excel the following workbook

https://www.savetodb.com/downloads/example_of_connection_credentials.xlsx (10 KB)

Open the Database tab, click Wizards, Connection Wizard.

You will see the dialog box like this:

The example workbook has configured connection parameters.

As a result, you see filled fields. Just click Next, Finish, and OK in every step.

You will get a connected table like this:

Try to edit data and click the Save button.

You may connect to your tables and views, edit data, and save the changes.

We have learned how to connect to a database and save changes back to a database.

In the next letters, we will discuss advanced features.

Best regards,

Sergey Vaselenko
CEO | Gartle Technology Corporation

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