Working with Auto-filters
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Working with Auto-filters


Today we discuss a useful feature for working with auto-filters.

We have connected to a database in the previous step.

You can use your file or download and open the following workbook (23 KB)

We have inserted the table into cell B3, and it looks like this:

Initial table

Now we can use row 2 (the first one over the table) to manage auto-filters.

Try to type >100000 in cell E2. The add-in will apply the auto-filter:

Auto-filter by number

Clear the value, and the add-in will clear the auto-filter.

You can use the asterisk to filter text values.

For example, try to type *inc* in cell G2:

Auto-filter by text

I like this feature. I hope you will like it too. You can use it with any Excel table.

You can enable or disable it using the Advanced tab in the SaveToDB options.

Best regards,

Sergey Vaselenko
CEO | Gartle LLC