Working with Table Views

Working with Table Views


Today we discuss a feature that helps save a lot of time.

In the previous step, we have connected to a database.

You can use your file or download and open the following workbook (23 KB)

When you load data for the first time, you have the default view.

Click the Save Table View button as shown:

Save Table View Button

Type Default and click the Save button.

Saving the defualt view

You can see the actual view in the view list.

Apply the Revenue filter in the Item Name column:

Filtered revenue

Click the Save Table View button, type Revenue, and click Save:

Saving the revenue view

Now you have two views in the view list and can easily switch the active view:

Table views

You can create a lot of views for every table to get the required data at the moment.

The views include applied auto-filters, sort orders, column visibilities, and other elements.

Moreover, you can create table views for pivot tables too.

In the next letters, we will discuss how to share such views with colleagues.

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