Working with WHERE Fields
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Working with WHERE Fields


Today we discuss how to load into Excel the required database data only.

In the previous step, we have connected to a database.

You can use your file or download and open the following workbook (23 KB)

It looks like this:

Connected Table Example

Click the Reload menu, then the Configure Parameters... button.

You will see the following dialog box:

Query Parameters

Checkboxes of the first column define columns to select.

Checkboxes of the last column define columns used to filter data.

Check Account Name, Company Name, and Item Name in the last column and click OK.

The add-in will place the fields on the ribbon.

Open, for example, the Item Name parameter and select Revenue:

Ribbon Parameters

The add-in will add WHERE ItemName = 'Revenue' to the SQL query and reload the data:

Filtered Table

I hope you will like this feature.

In the next letters, we will discuss several useful features for working with web data.

Best regards,

Sergey Vaselenko
CEO | Gartle LLC