Working With Table Formats
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Working With Table Formats


Today we learn how to get well-formatted reports in Excel from a database.

Let's open our well-known example of payments: (23 KB)

Open the query list and select CashFlow Year:

Example of Query List

You will get the report like this:

Example of Formatted Report

You can see that the report has hidden columns and conditional formatting.

The add-in loads such formats from a database when you connect for the first time.

You can use Table Format Wizard to manage table formats in a workbook and a database.

Example of Table Format Wizard

For example, you can format a report, save its format to a database, and your colleagues will get it.

You can reload table formats from a database when your colleagues have saved them to a database.

This feature requires SaveToDB Framework installed. We will discuss it in the next letter.

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