ProductUnit Price, USD
SaveToDB Express
SaveToDB 8 ExpressFree 
SaveToDB Enterprise (Edition comparison)
SaveToDB 8 Enterprise, 1 pc$199 *Buy
SaveToDB 8 Enterprise, Upgrade Warranty, 1 pc, 1 year **$39 * 
SaveToDB 8 Enterprise, Upgrade, 1 pc ***$99 *Buy
SaveToDB 8 Enterprise Subscription, 1 pc, 1 year$99 *Buy
SaveToDB 8 Unlimited Contact
SaveToDB Personal (Edition comparison)
SaveToDB 8 Personal, 1 pc$99Buy
SaveToDB 8 Personal, Upgrade Warranty, 1 pc, 1 year, **$19 
SaveToDB 8 Personal, Upgrade, 1 pc ***$49Buy
SaveToDB 8 Personal Subscription, 1 pc, 1 year$49Buy

You may use gsqlcmd for free. See Edition Comparison.

ProductUnit Price
gsqlcmd Enterprise
gsqlcmd 4 Enterprise, 1 pc$99Buy
gsqlcmd 4 Enterprise, Upgrade Warranty, 1 pc, 1 year *$19 
gsqlcmd 4 Enterprise, Upgrade, 1 pc **$49Buy
gsqlcmd 4 Enterprise Subscription, 1 pc, 1 year$49Buy
gsqlcmd Personal
gsqlcmd 4 Personal, 1 pc$49Buy
gsqlcmd 4 Personal, Upgrade Warranty, 1 pc, 1 year, *$12 
gsqlcmd 4 Personal, Upgrade, 1 pc **$24Buy
gsqlcmd 4 Personal Subscription, 1 pc, 1 year$24Buy

You may use ODataDB for free. See Edition Comparison.

ProductUnit Price
ODataDB 20 Users
ODataDB 20 Users, additional licences
ODataDB 200 Users
ODataDB 200 Users, additional licences
ODataDB Unlimited
ODataDB Unlimited, additional licences

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* SaveToDB Enterprise Prices Including Volume Discounts, USD

Number of licensesDiscountNew licenseUpgrade WarrantyUpgradeSubscription
1-9 $199$39$99$99

** Upgrade Warranty

Upgrade Warranty is a one-year warranty of free upgrading to the latest SaveToDB version, including major versions.

You may purchase the upgrade warranty ONLY with a new license or upgrade purchase, and renew the warranty yearly.

This is the best solution to stay with the newest features at lowest prices.

*** Upgrade

To purchase an upgrade, login into your Avangate account at, go to the My Products page, find the purchased product, and click the Upgrade now link.

If you cannot find your order in the Avangate account, please, contact us.

If you have purchased the upgrade warranty, you might upgrade your version to SaveToDB 8 for free, using your product keys.

Choosing Licensing Model

You may estimate your cash flows depend on licensing models below.

SaveToDB Enterprise

ModelYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total
Single purchase$199$199
Purchase and Upgrades$199$99$99$397
Purchase and Warranty$199+$39$39$39$39$39$394

SaveToDB Personal

ModelYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total
Single purchase$99$99
Purchase and Upgrades$99$49$49$197
Purchase and Warranty$99+$19$19$19$19$19$194

Every model has benefits and disadvantages:

Single purchaseThe lowest priceNo major upgrades, no new features
Purchase and UpgradesMajor upgrades, new features,
Upgrades on demands
High cost of frequent upgrades
Purchase and WarrantyMajor upgrades, new features,
Lower cost for continues upgrades
Yearly payments
SubscriptionMajor upgrades, new features,
OPEX instead of CAPEX
Higher long-term cost

You may choose any model that meets your requirements.

We recommend getting major upgrades as the major upgrades will support coming Microsoft Excel versions.

Sales Contacts

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