Data Merge Wizard

Data Merge Wizard

The Data Merge Wizard allows merging Excel table data into database tables.

You can merge Excel data loaded from web pages, text files, or other sources.

The wizard inserts and updates row values in columns that exist in the target table.

The target table primary key columns must exist in the Excel table.

You can create formula columns named with target columns to meet these criteria.

The add-in updates the MergeDate and merge_date database table fields with the script generation time.

The add-in stores the configuration of this wizard. You can use the Merge button of the Save Menu later to repeat merging.

The wizard has four steps:

  1. Selecting a provider
  2. Connecting to a database
  3. Selecting a target table
  4. Executing the script

Excel Table Requirements

The Data Merge Wizard requires Excel tables early named "Lists".

To run the wizard, select any cell of the table to merge.

If the wizard is disabled, create an Excel table. To create it, select a table region and click the Insert, Table Excel menu item.

Inserting Excel Table

Step 1. Selecting Provider

Select the desired data provider as described in the Database Connections topic.

Data Merge Wizard - Selecting Provider

Step 2. Connecting to Database

Connect to a database as described in the Database Connections topic.

Data Merge Wizard - Connecting to Database

Step 3. Selecting Target Table

Select a target database table to merge Excel data.

Below is a step sample:

Data Merge Wizard - Selecting Target Table

Step 4. Executing Script

The wizard shows a generated script. Click the Execute button to execute it.

Data Merge Wizard - Script to Execute

Data Merge Wizard - Script Results

If you get a timeout exception, increase the command timeout in the Options dialog box.