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SaveToDB Wizards Menu

SaveToDB Wizards

Database Connection Wizard
The Database Connection Wizard allows connecting to database tables, views, and stored procedures, and to DBF, Excel, and CSV files.
You can use the query list later to change the active database object.
Web Data Connection Wizard
The Web Data Connection Wizard allows connecting to web data sources and OData, REST API, and DBGate data services.
The add-in supports web data sources in the following formats: JSON, XML, HTML, CSV, and plain text.
You can merge loaded data to databases using the Data Merge Wizard first and then using the Merge button of the Reload Menu.
OData, REST API, and DBGate objects are similar to the database ones. You can save data changes if the objects support them.
Text File Connection Wizard
The Text File Connection Wizard allows connecting to CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, and plain text files using the built-in text file data provider.
You can reload data later using the SaveToDB add-in Reload button.
Pivot Table Connection Wizard
The Pivot Table Connection Wizard allows creating pivot tables connected to database tables, views and stored procedures, web data sources and data services, or text files.
Contrary to other wizards above, it connects the pivot table to a data source directly.
Alternatively, you can connect using a table and create a pivot table using it as a data source.
In this case, if the object supports saving changes, you can use the pivot table as an editor.
DB RTD Connection Wizard
The DB RTD Connection Wizard allows creating a template table to load database data using the RTD formulas of a companion DB RTD product.
You can use DB RTD as an alternative to creating multiple pivot tables or linking table data using Excel formulas.
Data Publishing Wizard
The Data Publishing Wizard allows creating a database table, exporting active Excel table data, and inserting a new connected database table.
After that, you can save and reload data from a database, as other users are too.
Also, use the Table Format Wizard to save the table format and formulas to a database.
Data Merge Wizard
The Data Merge Wizard allows the merging of data loaded from any data source into a database table.
You can use Excel formula columns to prepare database table columns.
You can use the Merge button of the Save Menu to repeat merging later.
Connection Change Wizard
The Connection Change Wizard allows changing connection data like a server, database, login, or password for a group of tables.
Table Format Wizard
The Table Format Wizard allows saving, loading, and clearing Excel table formats in a database or a data service.
Other users can load the same format when anyone saves the format, including regular and conditional formatting, formulas, etc.
Window Wizard
The Window Wizard allows adding and arranging related windows.
Microsoft changed window management in Excel 2013. So, this feature is enabled in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 only.
SaveToDB 9 and higher does not include this feature also.
Developer Tools
This menu contains items for developers.
See the menu described below.
Online Examples
The SaveToDB add-in has a lot of online samples used to show the add-in features.
Click the Refresh List button to load the latest list and then open any sample.
Most of the samples allow saving data changes also.
You can find sample source codes in SaveToDB SDK.
Application Installer
The Application Installer allows installing, checking, updating, or uninstalling SaveToDB Frameworks.
The SaveToDB Frameworks allow configuring SaveToDB add-in features on the server-side and contain database developer and administrator tools.
Application Workbooks
The Application Workbooks wizard allows creating application workbooks using server-side definitions.
Developers can save such workbook definitions to allow users to create workbooks at any time instead of sending workbooks by email or publishing the workbooks on third-party resources.
Every user can only see and create applicable workbooks as the SaveToDB add-in checks user permissions on used objects.
Developers can generate workbooks published with the SaveToDB Frameworks to edit and save the add-in configurations.

Developer Tools

Workbook Information
The button displays the Workbook Information dialog box.
Create Report Setup Worksheet
The button creates a report setup worksheet to customize the Reports Tab for the active worksheet.
Create Report Sample
The button creates a report sample to learn how to customize the Reports tab.
Format Range as Checkboxes
The button formats a range with conditional formatting like checkboxes.
Such columns must have three values: 1, 0, or NULL.
You can use double-click to change the value.
Clean Named Cells
The button cleans named cells that have no correct ranges.
Clean Pivot Items
The button cleans unused pivot table items on the active worksheet.
Remove Unused Validation Lists
The button removes unused validation lists.
Add Cursor
The button adds a cursor to the active table.
See Cursor and Fields.
Remove Cursor
The button removes the cursor of the active table.
See Cursor and Fields.
Add Form Fields
The button adds named cells to show and edit active table row values.
See Cursor and Fields.
Remove Form Fields
The button removes named cell names added to show and edit active table row values.
See Cursor and Fields.
Show Configuration Worksheets
The button shows hidden data worksheets used by the SaveToDB add-in.
Hide Configuration Worksheets
The button hides data worksheets used by the SaveToDB add-in.
Clean Configuration Worksheets
The button cleans data worksheets used by the SaveToDB add-in except for the core information about connected objects.
It's safe. You can reload data and configuration later to restore the SaveToDB features completely.
Show Dependencies
This button shows object dependencies.
Show Table Format
This button shows Excel conditional formatting of the active table suitable for DBEdit, DBGate, and ODataDB products.
See the SaveToDB Developer Guide for details.
Show Workbook Definition
This button shows the active workbook definition suitable for the Application Workbooks wizard.
See the SaveToDB Developer Guide for details.
Prepare Workbook for Distribution
This button prepares the active workbook for distribution.
The add-in removes loaded database data and encrypts connections.
So, you can publish or send the workbook safely.
Also, you can publish such workbooks as templates for the Application Workbooks wizard.
See the SaveToDB Developer Guide for details.