Changing Workbook Connection

Changing Workbook Connection

DBEdit uses a single shared connection string per workbook.

You can change the data provider and database credentials.

However, you cannot change the server platform, i.e., change SQL Server to Oracle Database.

To change a connection, click Data, Workbook Connection..., or press Ctrl-F7.

Step 1. Select Provider

In the first step, select a provider.

DBEdit Connection Wizard - Select Provider for SQL Server

The wizard shows providers for the actual server platform, as for SQL Server in this example.

Step 2. Connect to Database

In this step, specify new database credentials.

DBEdit Connection Wizard - Reconnect to Database

DBEdit checks the connection in the background and enables the Finish button if succeeded.

If the Finish button is disabled, click the Test Connection button to test the connection and update the state.

Step 3. Refresh Data

In the first two steps, the wizard changes the connection only but does not refresh data.

You can refresh data yourself using Data, Refresh All (Ctrl-Alt-F5) or Data, Refresh Selected... (Ctrl-Shift-F5).