DBEdit Edition Comparison

DBEdit Edition Comparison

Loading data
Loading data from database tables, views, and stored procedures
Saving data
Saving changes to SQLite and SQL Server Compact databases
Saving changes to server databasesx
Saving changes to server databases using cell change handlersxx
Customizable features
Action and context menus
Value lists for fields and parameters
Data translation
Application workbooks from a database
Supported database platforms and data sources
SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NuoDB, Snowflake
SQLite, SQL Server Compact
Commercial usex

Here is a sample of the cell change handler:

CREATE PROCEDURE [xls17].[usp_sales_change]
    @column_name nvarchar(255) = NULL
    , @cell_value nvarchar(255) = NULL
    , @cell_number_value int = NULL
    , @id int = NULL


IF @column_name = 'licensee'
    UPDATE dbo17.sales SET licensee = @cell_value WHERE id = @id

IF @column_name = 'product_id'
    UPDATE dbo17.sales SET product_id = @cell_number_value WHERE id = @id


DBEdit calls such handlers on every cell change.

The change handlers can use the predefined parameters like @column_name, @cell_value, or @cell_number_value, and column values using parameters with the same name, like @id.

The change handlers can update underlying tables or raise exceptions to prevent cell changes.

Trial Version

You can use DBEdit after installation for free.

The free version allows editing SQLite and SQL Server Compact databases only and works in a viewer mode for server databases.

Also, you can try DBEdit online examples hosted on Microsoft Azure SQL Database without any limit.

You can activate the trial version once to test DBEdit Enterprise features during a 15-day trial period.

When the trial period expires, you have the following options:

  1. To continue the use of a free DBEdit version.
  2. To purchase a license and register the DBEdit Personal, Standard, or Enterprise edition.
  3. To purchase a subscription and register the DBEdit Personal, Standard, or Enterprise edition.
  4. To stop the use and remove DBEdit from a computer.

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