Change History

Change History

Version 1.1, September 17, 2019

New features:

  • A new column-level AddHyperlinks handler used to add hyperlinks to data table column values.
    You may use this handler for regular HTTP/HTTPs links, worksheets, and connected database objects.
    For example, you may create a view with a list of database objects and add the handler to a column with object names.
    In this case, the add-in adds hyperlinks for objects that exist in the workbook, and you may use the view as an index.
    Note, that you may add the Back action to Excel Quick Access Toolbar and navigate back to the index.
  • A new object-level License handler used to allow saving changes in a free version.
    We use this handler in our products like Business Time Tracker or Market.db to allow using the SaveToDB add-in or DBEdit as a database editor.


  • DBEdit highlights cells with NULL values in NOT NULL columns.
  • DBEdit populates default column values in new rows.
  • New Check All and Uncheck All context menu items for bit and boolean columns
  • The three-state mode for nullable bit and boolean columns
  • The auto-commit mode for nullable bit and boolean columns
  • Improved window resize performance
  • ClearContents sets NULLs instead of empty strings in string columns.
  • The default query list excludes procedures with usp_insert_, usp_update_, and usp_delete_ prefixes.
  • DBEdit asks to save changes before changing query properties.
  • DBEdit pastes a single clipboard value into the entire selected range.

Bug fixes:

  • The Save action returns an empty table.
  • Change handlers ignore the _commit option in ClearContents.
  • Shortcuts with Ctrl fires with pressed Shift or Alt.
  • A new table does not set automatic widths.
  • DBEdit shows MySQL bit columns as integer ones.
  • Shift-Insert does not work as Paste.

Samples and Frameworks:

  • Updated SaveToDB Framework 9.3.
    The xls.handlers table includes new AddHyperlinks and License EVENT_NAME values.
    The SaveToDB Framework for SQL Server includes the updated xls.queries view that excludes procedures with usp_insert_, usp_update_, and usp_delete_ prefixes.

Version 1.0, August 5, 2019

DBEdit launched

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